Master Liviu Badescu, a five-star man

He is an engineer, passionate about photography, loves his family enormously, and is totally gifted with a unique art movement from the Far East six centuries ago. Under his hardness lies a tender and generous soul, but also the steel nerves that have brought him and keep him in the extremely small world of the great masters budoka.

The story of the martial arts begins in Japan, with six centuries back, and the name of the battle techniques, too little known, is still stirring up thrills: aikijitsu, nihon ju-jutsu, renshi, kendo ninja, karateka – shadows, capable of blinding an opponent with bare hands.

That is, at least, the image for most of us.

A romantic with steel nerves
Beyond the picture, the person of the master Liviu Bădescu – hanshi (which I was to learn, means in the Japanese language “great master, model” but which is replaced as a form of addressing with sensei – teacher) 8 DAN Karate – is completely unexpected . Tall and slim, just fiber and nerve, probably the result of many dojo training sessions – hard, sober, computed and firmly looking, he always has the features warmed by a smile coming in and wearing a bald expression in his eyes.

On the street, you would take him as a passerby, without going through your head that in two or three seconds, he could lie down to the ground only with the edge of his palm or a target as a game card , About 20 meters away. You would expect to be a cynic, but he is a wise man, just as you could think of a perfect pragmatist, in fact, to discover him as a romantic-realist.

The first time you amaze the extraordinary energy it spreads around it. He has something of a charming and mysterious adventurer, but, strangely, his presence sends you a strange state, like a kind of nervous anesthesia. Then, talking to you, you discover that it is part of that rare species of fully integrated people who do not turn back in front of the obstacles and who revolt against all forms of dyskinia:

“For me, the story of my life is not spectacular. Many say my way is a successful one, but I have hesitations to think that reading or doing something you’ve seen in another person will do the same. I believe that this road should be phoned by the landmarks called value and honesty. We do not have to confuse a successful man with a valued man.

“I was shy but not retired”
The ingredients that make up it are not always the same. But value and success do not eliminate each other, and I want to mention that the strands of the rope of my life – education, education, martial arts, my passions – have all been intertwined with the same desire for performance and progress. ”

Liviu Badescu discovered the martial arts at the age of seven and started to teach aikijitsu and karate in his native village Pleniţa to defend himself from the violence he was exposed to by older colleagues. “After such a dispute, it was a moment when I understood, in one way or another, that the fight against more aggressors required much more advanced knowledge.

Master recognized at 23 years old
This was in 1971, when the martial arts were not even known to us in the country. This is where the spark and the desire to evolve and perfect in the art of struggle may have gone. I did not know anything about fighting styles and the like, I just wanted to respond to aggression on me. I was just a third-grade child … “.

After graduating from the Carol I National College in Craiova, Liviu joined the University of Craiova, the Faculty of Mechanics, and in the studio he even set up a club to train, even if the martial arts were forbidden in Romania at that time.

He fell in love with the amazing spirit hidden in this art of self-defense, and dedicated himself to discovering his secrets, and the different path that he followed as a budoka (because his style, Goshin-do, is not based on competitions, but on demos special technical and, especially, the creation of a high spiritual atmosphere) made it known both in the country and abroad.

At 23, he became the first master recognized by the International Karate Federation Ghosin-do, and at 53, he is the president of the similar federation in Romania, the founder of which is. Between these two benchmarks, a list of performances, from professional ones to those achieved through his vocation, martial arts, where he participated in hundreds of world-class training sessions and trained policemen, professional militants, bodyguards and thousands of students passionate about karate.

“Martial arts deserve to be known because they express a human effort directed towards self-sufficiency and self-refinement. Unfortunately, however, there are few who truly understand what these mean, and among them fewer have the privilege of penetrating into the depths of a world that does not reveal to the public only the surface layer: comp

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