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The Romanian Federation of Karate and Aiki Goshin-Do (FRKAG)

The Romanian Federation of Karate and Aiki Goshin-Do was founded in 2001 by Hanshi Liviu Bădescu who is also its president and representative.

FRKAG is affiliated with three professional federations based in Japan and the development of its students is confirmed by licenses and certificates which are internationally recognized.

Goshin-do is situated at the intersection of karate-do, aikijutsu, kobudo as well as complementary forms of training. This is reflected in the federation’s structure:


Goshin-Do is situated at the intersection of Karate-Do, Aiki Jutsu, Kobudo as well as complementary forms of training, and the evolution implies branching out in a vast number of fields.

“Goshin-Do claims a fundamentally different attitude in relation to the errors that appear in combat sports: from the technical and spiritual perspective as well as from the transformation of Japanese Budo into a commercial substitute. The style’s founder, Takeshi Sawada (10th Dan), considers the physical self-defense a mere by-product, a minimal level of apprenticeship and emphasizes the fact that its true value resides from its spiritual significance.”

Extract from the book
“AIKIGOSHIN-DO – Technical and Spiritual Depths”
by Liviu Bădescu, printing house Info–Shizuka, 1998, page 6


Presentation - Liviu Bădescu

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AIKIGOSHIN-DO technical and spiritual depths

“In Martial Arts, sports victory does not make sense, because technique and knowledge of one’s own possibilities are important, in practice these are infinite.”

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