How do you defend yourself from a punch blow

Sensei Liviu Bădescu, Hanshi 8 DAN, explains how a child can react on the street to an aggression like a punch stroke.
Here’s how to protect a child when attacked on the street to be hit or robbed.

Technique 1:

He can respond to such an aggression different from how an adult can defend himself. A child can only use his mind to respond to this type of attack. The steps are as follows:

  • Aggression occurs
  • I’m getting away
  • Let the attack pass by me
  • I fix a socket
  • I use my physical potential to hit him
  • I’m leaving the place of aggression
  • I’m asking for help
    Watch an example for a self-defense at a punch with Vlad Tuţă, 13 years old, Ramnicu Valcea, Karate-do, and Costin Glavan, 3 Dan Karate-Do.

Technique 2

When a child is assaulted with multiple blows on his head, he can counteract the situation:

  • The first attack comes
  • I’m off the attack
  • I’m out of the attack
  • The second attack – I deviate him, I get out of him
  • The third attack – I close it, I get up on it, I hit
  • Illustration child

Time 1: dodge

Time 2: escape and closure

Time 3: Fix, I rise over attack and hit


I fix the lapel.


I’m leaving the place of aggression.

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