Defense against two aggressors

Children can often be placed in limited situations, which is why it is very important that they know a number of ways to use so they can protect themselves and escape from those situations in which their life is in danger.

Self-defense lessons for children are very effective, helping them to discipline and control their body in every circumstance. The situation where a child is attacked by two aggressors is a common one, this being the way it can be easily immobilized. Young people can be placed in a situation of this type both at school, on the street or at the playgrounds. However, knowing a simple defense technique, the little ones can escape the attackers’ hands.

Sensei Liviu Bădescu shows us today a defense technique by which children can protect themselves when attacked by two aggressors, without making a great effort, but only by controlling the wrists.

Follow the video to see what defense technique is against two aggressors.

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