Lapel catch defense

Liviu Bădescu, Sensei Hanshi 8 DAN, explains how a child can react on the street to an aggression such as a lapel catch.
It’s hard for a child to react to an aggression from a professional, but he can take advantage of the surprise that the aggressor does not usually expect – the “little bully overturns the big car” is the most appropriate proverb for the situation – in this case, expansion is the surprise element in this type of attack.

What can an assaulted child do?
The aggressor wants to catch him by his neck or a lapel to rip a chain. A child can use expansion to get rid of this type of attack. In order to better understand the movements, I made a self-defense example of a hand grip with Vlad Tuţă, 13 years old, Ramnicu Valcea, holder of the brown belt, Karate-do.

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