Defense from a kidnapping attempt

Sensei Liviu Badescu, Hanshi 8 DAN, explains how a child can react on the street to an attempted kidnapping.
How can a child defend when attacked to be kidnapped?

As a rule, the aggressor comes down and grabs his hands to immobilize him and bring him to the car.

How can a child defend in this case?

The reaction must be very rapid, otherwise, the outcome may be tragic. The stages of the counterattack are:

  • Hit in the groin area
  • Hit the face
  • Leave the place of aggression

Watch a self-defense example of a kidnapping with Vlad Tuţă, 13, Ramnicu Valcea, brown belt holder, Karate-do, and lt. col. RZ. Iulian Mesea, 2 Dan Karate-do.

Follow what happens in the absence of the child’s reaction and what is the difference when the child fights back.

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